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What is the Deloitte FATCA Classroom?

The Deloitte FATCA Classroom, is a comprehensive FATCA training course that equips participants with practical FATCA knowledge by learning with colleagues in a practical, interactive environment.

It has been devised to educate participants in all practical aspects of FATCA and to assist those with FATCA responsibilities to oversee compliance effectively. The core components of the classroom learning would be:

  • Overview of FATCA and key requirements
  • Discussion of technical definitions
  • Outline of a practical approach to achieving compliance
  • Timings and key milestones

Format of the School

Prior to the Deloitte FATCA Classroom, each participant will receive Deloitte’s FATCA Awareness eLearning course, an online course specifically designed to give learners a basic understanding of FATCA.

Then, over an intensive half day tutorial, the Deloitte FATCA Classroom will lead participants through a programme ranging from exploration of FATCA definitions to a deeper knowledge of practical implementation issues.

The sessions, which are based on Deloitte’s own in-house training programme, are delivered by senior Deloitte FATCA specialists. Classrooms are typically run for groups of between 10 and 15 participants and are designed to provide an interactive environment for discussing how the requirements apply to the attendees’ organisation.

If you would like to register your organisations interest then please click a link below in order to contact us. Prices for the course are available on request.


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