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Deloitte VAT School
The Deloitte VAT School is a comprehensive VAT training course that equips participants with practical VAT knowledge by learning with fellow professionals in a practical, case study based environment.

Over four intensive one day tutorials, the Deloitte VAT School leads participants through a programme ranging from exploration of VAT principles to a deeper knowledge of specialised and topical VAT issues. This will be followed by a workshop devoted specifically to Financial Services or Real Estate industry sectors allowing you to select and further understand the specific VAT issues relating to a particular sector.

The sessions, which are based on Deloitte’s own in-house training programme, are delivered by senior Deloitte VAT specialists. They consist of a mixture of presentations, case studies and group breakout discussions designed to ensure that participants will be fully engaged and able to maximise their learning experience. Sessions are held in our London office.

The Deloitte VAT School has been devised to develop participants in all practical aspects of UK VAT and to assist those with VAT responsibilities to be more effective through greater knowledge of relevant and practical issues.

The unique features of the course are:

  • Introductory eLearning course
  • Seminar - based practical case studies
  • Elective industry sector modules

Deloitte's VAT School is appropriate for:

  • Accounting staff who have VAT responsibilities
  • Financial reporting personnel
  • Financial controllers and directors
  • Anyone who deals with VAT as part of their day-to-day responsibilities or would like to gain a greater understanding of the workings of the tax.
The Deloitte VAT School is held in our London office.

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