VAT Anti-Fraud Awareness eLearning
VAT Anti-Fraud Awareness eLearning
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Most recently MTIC fraud has been confirmed in the gas & power and telecommunications markets, but the fraud can affect any sector where there is the ability to re-trade goods or services on a significant scale, and in reality often affects different commodities in different Member States across the EU.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • This is a generic course and therefore is suitable for practitioners working in any industry.
  • The training does not require a background knowledge or understanding of VAT, and as such is suitable for staff working in sales, legal, finance, procurement and logistics functions.

The three main aims of the training are as follows:

  • To help educate staff and provide them with a general awareness and understanding of the risk that MTIC poses to the business.
  • To easily, quickly and cost effectively provide training to staff working across the business in a number of different functions.
  • To demonstrate to senior stakeholders, and, where relevant, third parties, that the business takes this risk seriously and has responded to any perceived threat in the sector in which it operates.

Using leading-edge instructional design techniques and real life examples, the training will cover four main topics:

    Section 1: What is MTIC fraud?
    • Provides an introduction to the topic, including examples of how it operates in particular industry sectors by example and in practice.

    Section 2: What are the risks?
    • What are the civil penalties that can apply?
    • Reputational consequences
    • Employee personal liability
    • The potential for prison and fines

    Section 3: What to look out for
    • Supplier and customer indicators
    • Red flag indicators
    • Commercial rationale of transactions

    Section 4: Protecting against fraud
    • What businesses can do to mitigate the risks
    • What are an employee’s responsibilities

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