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Making tax digital for VAT

Most businesses submit their VAT returns through HMRC’s online portal. From April 2019 this will close and taxpayers will no longer be able to submit VAT returns to HMRC in this way.

VAT Return Filer, available on the myInsight platform, is a simple way to manage and submit VAT return filings without the need to install any software.

Change is coming

HMRC’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT is a major initiative requiring taxpayers to manage their VAT record keeping and compliance reporting digitally. Affected businesses should be looking to assess their current VAT return processes against the following capabilities:

    1. Digital records

    From April 2019 digital records must be kept. This includes an AP and AR transactional listing and a digital VAT account from which the VAT return is prepared.

    2. Digital links

    VAT returns must have digital links to digital records – spreadsheets can remain, but need ‘digital links’ to source systems. HMRC has announced a soft landing period of 12 months, however digital links will be mandatory from April 2020.

    3. Digital submission

    From April 2019, submission of all VAT returns must be automated, and can no longer be manually keyed. This is not subject to the ‘soft landing’ period, it is mandatory.

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