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Introduction to Corporate Income Tax eLearning
Our Foundation level tax course is designed to deliver tax accounting knowledge at a basic level. It provides an understanding of the corporate income tax principles that form the basis of tax accounting, and works through the fundamentals of IAS 12 / ASC 740. This tax training course caters to tax specialists and those with a general accounting background who want to improve their tax accounting knowledge.

This course is suitable for those who:

  • Are responsible for the preparation of tax accounting submissions to the Head Office for reporting units within a group
  • Are a financial controller, financial director or otherwise responsible for tax disclosures and calculations but not directly responsible for their preparation
  • Have limited or no knowledge of tax accounting and want to enhance your understanding of the underlying principles

It provides an understanding of the generic (i.e. non-country specific) principles used to calculate corporate income tax. This knowledge is required by non-tax professionals to understand the technical tax accounting concepts.

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