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A thorough investigation of the complexities of Tax Accounting
The advanced level tax course tackles the complex areas of tax accounting. It provides an overview of the fundamentals of areas such as recognition of deferred tax assets and business combinations but also moves onto the judgemental areas of the topics.

It also introduces more advanced topics than the Foundation level such as financial instruments (London course only) and provides updates on topics such as FRS 101, a new option for some companies to follow the recognition and measurement bases of EU-adopted IFRS but with reduced disclosures.

The course is facilitated by Deloitte specialists who bring their own tax accounting experience to the training. It is a highly interactive session in which participants are encouraged to share their questions and experiences.

The course looks at some of the more complex areas of tax accounting under IFRS and US GAAP such as business combinations, interim reporting and cross border issues and will include both basic and complex examples and case studies.

It also looks at current issues and recent developments including the latest on recently released financial reporting standards for the UK such as FRS 100, 101, and 102.

There is also an advanced two day course held in London. The first day utilises real life experiences and case studies to thoroughly investigate some of the more complex areas of tax accounting under IFRS and US GAAP such as business combinations, interim reporting, recognition of deferred tax assets and cross-border issues.

The second day looks at hot topics and latest developments including updates on tax accounting under newer financial reporting standards (FRS 100, 101, and 102) introduced for UK reporters, financial instruments, share-based payments, and financial statements disclosure.
This course is suitable for those who:

  • Have a good level of tax accounting knowledge and want the opportunity to understand complex topics in a classroom based format
  • Are involved in or have responsibility for group tax reporting and would like a deeper awareness of the major issues surrounding it
  • Want the opportunity to learn from the experiences of their peers
This course is organised on an on demand basis and sessions are arranged once we have received sufficient interest.

Courses can be arranged at a number of locations across the UK / Switzerland and if you would like to register your interest for a future course, please complete the short form below and click the “Register my interest” button. Once we have sufficient demand, we will contact you with details and potential dates for you to confirm your availability. We will then finalise the course details and ask for your confirmation of attendance.

Depending on interest, there could be a period of up to six months between registering your interest and attending a course. If you need to attend a course by a particular date (for example before reaching your annual year end reporting cycle) then please let us know and we will endeavour to assist wherever possible.

Charges for this one day classroom course are currently £750.00 in London (£1,400.00 for the two day course), £600.00 for other locations in the UK and CHF750.00 in Switzerland (all exclusive of VAT).

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