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Welcome to FATCA at Deloitte
FATCA is the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act which aims to gather information on overseas accounts held by US citizens at financial institutions globally.

FATCA affects a wide range of businesses and has a number of compliance obligations. It is important that key employees at in-scope businesses understand the requirements to ensure compliance can be achieved and maintained.

Deloitte's FATCA modules are designed to deliver essential information to individuals in a targeted and efficient manner. The content of the modules has been differentiated in order to provide businesses with the option of tailoring training and to ensure that the content remains relevant for staff in different roles. Throughout both modules the FATCA courses highlight the common FATCA requirements and provide simple explanations and clear illustrations for learners.

The courses will enable you and your colleagues to comply with FATCA legislation and, where relevant, identify key requirements and risks facing your business. They are aimed at a range of people, from those who require a basic knowledge of FATCA to those that require a detailed understanding of the business as usual requirements.

We can also provide classroom based FATCA training for your organisation - a comprehensive full day workshop that equips participants with practical FATCA knowledge by learning with colleagues in an interactive environment. Please for more information.