Deloitte Passport
Deloitte Passport
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As the demand for cross-border business travel increases, it is vital to address how to effectively manage potential risks and consider change opportunities that will deliver long term and scalable benefits. Deloitte Passport is a gamified learning course which has been designed to raise the awareness of the associated compliance risks of increasingly agile and non-standard cross-border mobile workers.

This course is suitable for all employees who conduct international business travel as part of their work.

We have created Deloitte Passport with the objectives of:

  • Increasing the awareness of the issues faced when conducting business travel.
  • Highlighting the need to understand the taxation, immigration and social security implications of traveling abroad for business purposes.
  • Helping employees mitigate personal & business risks associated with business travel.

The course lasts for approximately 15 minutes and is self-guided; allowing the learner to make correct and incorrect decisions about their travel. Scenario branching has been used to create consequences of the learner’s actions enabling them to learn through experience. The learner navigates to common business destinations highlighting key risks that travellers, their organisations and their clients are exposed to.

Participants are rewarded for choosing the correct options, earning awards and adding to their overall score. Where incorrect options are chosen the learner is informed of their failure and given a corresponding lower score.