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CASS Academy
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FCA CASS regulations are anything but easy. However, the CASS Academy will help demystify some of the complexity of CASS and also provide real life examples of what can go wrong and how to avoid it. Drawing on many years of CASS experience, the CASS Academy is led by Anna Dawson, a CASS specialist and Director within our Risk Advisory practice. Anna has provided CASS training over a number of years to hundreds of CASS professionals at all levels. Anna will be supported in delivering the training by other experienced Deloitte CASS specialists from our audit and advisory practices.

Course Content

The Deloitte CASS Academy is a classroom based training course. It equips participants with the practical and operational skills and knowledge required to achieve CASS compliance and fulfil their day to day CASS responsibilities. In addition, it provides participants with a detailed understanding of how to adopt the same level of scrutiny as a CASS auditor when evaluating the effectiveness of key CASS controls. This is critical for individuals and firms to understand as the assessment of CASS controls is a key part of the FRC Assurance Standard on Client Assets.

Over two intensive days of tutorials and practical, hands on workshops and on-line quizzes, the Deloitte CASS Academy leads participants through a programme of understanding the key client money, custody asset and mandate rules and how to identify and remediate the most common CASS 6, 7 and 8 difficulties faced by firms.

The course is designed for CASS professionals working in the Investment Management, Wealth and Stock Broking sectors, covering client money reconciliations, custody asset reconciliations and trust acknowledgement letters, mandate record keeping and CASS governance.

The course also provides training on how to identify, document and evaluate CASS controls.

Through the use of case study examples and facilitated by Deloitte’s most experienced CASS audit and advisory specialists, participants will learn to apply the same level of scrutiny as a CASS auditor when assessing operational CASS compliance, and the design and operational effectiveness of CASS controls. A highly interactive session in which participants are encouraged to share their questions and real life industry experiences (under “Chatham House Rules”), the Deloitte CASS Academy is specifically designed to bring CASS compliance to life and facilitate deep, practical understanding.

Who should attend?

  • CF10a / dedicated CASS professionals
  • Investment operational staff including those from reconciliations, finance and management functions
  • Compliance and Internal audit professionals responsible for CASS monitoring activities

If you need further information about the availability of tailor made CASS academy courses or wish to request an event on a different date or location please contact us via the details below:

Anna Dawson
Director, Audit & Risk Advisory
Tel: +44 113 292 1688
Mobile: +44 7887 628 699

Thomas McLean
Manager, Audit & Risk Advisory
Tel: +44 113 292 1143
Mobile: +44 7971 175845

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Course availability

This course is organised on an on-demand basis and sessions are scheduled once we have received sufficient registration of interest.

Courses can be arranged at a number of locations across the UK and if you would like to register your interest for a future course, please complete the short form below and click the “Register My Interest” button. Once we have sufficient demand, we will contact you with the details and potential dates for you to confirm your availability. We will then finalise the course details and ask for your confirmation of attendance.

Depending on interest, there could be a period of six months between registering your interest and attending a course. If you need to attend a course by a particular date (for example before reaching your annual year end or annual external CASS audit) then please let us know and we will endeavour to assist wherever possible.

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