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Welcome to Deloitte Tax Accounting Training
Tax reporting is becoming increasingly high profile and pressured. Accounting standards are becoming progressively more complex and regulators are taking a closer interest in the figures produced. Ensuring tax and finance teams have the core knowledge to confidently deliver the required tax accounting calculations in the time-scales required is vital.

Whether you are the head of tax, a tax manager or a financial controller with a responsibility for tax, we offer a combination of tax accounting eLearning and classroom based training suitable for you. Our tax accounting courses are delivered by specialists who work in this area on a daily basis and bring both technical knowledge and hands on experience of the key issues which affect companies in practice.

The Foundation level courses are suitable for those with no knowledge or limited knowledge of tax accounting and want to understand/enhance current understanding of the underlying principles. As examples, we believe this level would suit a finance person who has overall responsibility for tax reporting with no prior or only a small knowledge of tax. It is also a good introduction for members of a tax reporting team who have traditionally worked within UK GAAP and now or will have reporting requirements under IFRS. Those who have focused primarily on tax advisory and compliance would also find this a good introduction to Tax Accounting. This level is comprised of eLearning followed by a classroom course, but either can be completed on their own if preferred.

The Practitioner level courses provide intermediate tax accounting training on core specific areas of tax accounting. It is suitable for those with a good understanding of the basic IAS 12 approach to Income Tax Accounting and wish to develop that further/refresh their knowledge. The courses are standalone and can be taken individually or as a combined course. The courses would be suitable for; finance team members who have responsibility for reviewing tax and have a basic understanding of deferred and current tax; tax reporting team members who would like a refresher of a specific area of tax accounting relevant to the business either before or during reporting; worldwide tax finance team members who have responsibility for reporting to head office or a central team and require a reminder of the key concepts to consider before approaching year end; and those who have completed our foundation course and would like to develop their knowledge further.

The Advanced level courses cover complex areas of tax accounting. The course is most likely to be suitable for those who work in a reporting environment and have responsibility for the results of an entity or group of entities particularly within a complex UK or worldwide group.

For periods beginning on or after 1 January 2015, three new Financial Reporting Standards (FRS100, 101 & 102) will come into force, bringing with them a number of new options for all UK entities and groups. Companies are facing major decision as to which reporting standard to adopt and a potentially significant compliance burden in managing the change. To help you prepare for a move to FRS102, we have developed an intensive one-day classroom course in which we will explain the recognition and measurement requirements for current and deferred tax, how they differ from current UK GAAP and IFRS/FRS 101, and walk through how first-time adoption of this standard works.

Please see below for more information on the programmes, including registration details.

US GAAP Practitioner Bespoke
A 2 day course providing the opportunity to participate in detailed discussion of a broad spectrum of US GAAP tax accounting topics.
A series of six online modules on complex tax accounting topics.
Deloitte provides bespoke tax accounting training tailored to your specific requirements.
Foundation Advanced FRS102
A combination of foundational eLearning and one-day intensive classroom training.
Classroom courses exploring the major issues surrounding group tax reporting.
The future of UK GAAP: Getting ready for change