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Annual Review of Football Finance

In this year's Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance report we analyse and comment on notable financial developments in the world’s most popular sport. In this edition we review recent performance and analyse the current situation in some detail, while looking forward to future prospects.
This 70 page in-depth analysis covers all the key areas to form an overview of football’s financial situation. In addition to our analysis of trends up to the end of the 2010/11 season, where possible we include pointers to prospective future performance.
The Europe’s Premier Leagues section provides a detailed review of current trends in European football finance. We then focus on the English situation, with the Revenue and Profitability and Club Financing sections which form the core of our analysis of the domestic football financial situation. Wages and Transfers examines the primary area of expenditure for clubs while Stadia Development and Operations discusses a key area where English clubs continue to maintain a competitive advantage over their European neighbours. Sprinkled within the sections are a number of feature articles, where we discuss and comment on relevant topics and trends in the industry.
The Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance 2012 report can be purchased as a hardcopy report via the links below and will be posted first class within two working days of purchase. If purchasing a discounted version (i.e. a £60 version) you may receive an email asking for you to verify your eligibility prior to dispatch.
Please note, this report is not available as a downloadable PDF, though the foreword and highlights are available as a free PDF download here.